212973ALU PRO Paistinpannu, Ø28cm

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ALU PRO Paistinpannu, Ø28cm

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Demeyere Alu Pro is a new range of powerful and durable frying pans made in Belgium, which has a very good heat distribution and high scratch resistance. The 5 mm thick aluminum bottom provides a perfect heating line for all types of hobs and also works in oven up to 240 ° C. Alu Pro is designed with the unique RADIANT® bottom that provides extra stability. The pans also have Demeyer's patented TRIPLINDUC® bottom which provides a better contact surface and increases the efficiency of magnetism on induction, and heat generation becomes up to 30% better compared to other pans on induction hobs. The stainless steel coating Duraglide Titanium is made up of five layers, which includes a protective layer with titanium for extra durability. This unique non-stick coating is considered to be one of the most durable in the market and can handle all types of gear. The pans has a fully cast ergonomic handle in RF steel with a V-shaped fastening with a stay cool effect. This series comes with a 5 year warranty on materials and production errors. To extend the pans life, we recommend soft tools and hand wash but the pans can also be washed in the machine.


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    280 mm

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