Wilfa Hearts 23 Vohvelirauta XWAS-1400B

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Wilfa HEARTS 23 is a uncompromising waffle iron in the smallest detail.
There are few things like fresh waffles, and with Wilfa Hearts 23, the position of a big waffle master is sure. During the development of Hearts 23 waffle iron, every detail is worked out several times - to provide heavenly good waffle experiences.
The classic, tastes best with Wilfa waffle iron
The Wilfa HEARTS 23 has a powerful 1400W heater with longer heat wires in more advanced designs that provide efficient and even frying.
The waffle iron has a thick frying surface with conical tiles for perfect results, 6 big and deep hearts.
Wilfa HEARTS 23 has air slots that emit moist steam and make sure the waffles are cooked and not cooked.
Wilfa HEARTS 23 waffle iron has uncompromising design: It's a waffle iron in a class by itself, with thermostat, audio signal, effective assembly edge, rubber feet, hand protection from steam and easy cleaning for perfect touch.
• The surface that produces perfectly cooked waffles
• Conical plates give the same thickness through the waffle
• Air gap releases steam - the waffles are fried, not cooked
• Adjustable thermostat with audio signal
• Design that prevents games.
• Can be stored standing
• Hand protection against steam
• 1600 watts
• 6 deep hearts - 23 cm diameter
• air gaps
• Double coating
• Adjustable thermostat
• signal lamps
• Finger protection against hot steam
• Can be kept standing




  • Tuotenumero
  • Toimittajan tuotenumero
  • Tuotemerkki
  • Väri
  • Korkeus
    255 mm
  • Leveys
    160 mm
  • Syvyys
    330 mm

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