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Sexkant Kynttilänjalka Lämpökynttilänpidike

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This beautiful and classic candlestick is made by Ulf Larsson, who is one of the founders of Vallonmässing. With its classic features, the candleholder looks good wherever it stands. The hexagon candle holder is just as good to stand alone as putting together several pieces in a group. This version is for tealights
Vallonmässing products are manufactured in pure material without surface treatments, except silver brass. Brass harrows which protect the metal and extend the life span. Otherwise, it's a personal taste if you want to polish the product or not, untreated, the metal will become darker over time, and moisture or fingerprints may also occur. If you want to keep the high-gloss surface, it must be polished on a regular basis. We recommend a gentle cleaner that does not contain abrasives, such as Glanol. Glanol is applied with a dry cloth, if there are a lot of stains, you can let the agent work a bit before starting to apply to the surface. Continue with this until the agent is completely gone and the surface is fine and blank again. Water soluble powders are not recommended.


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