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Kiinan Muuri Kynttilänjalka, Messinki

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When Niklas Liljeblad created this candleholder, he had the famous Chinese Wall in mind and all the people who used to build the longest wall of the world. The candleholder is bent in a shape that will remind you of the true Chinese wall. The candleholder is available in 2 versions, either with normal candles, and then there is a version for tea lights.
Vallonmässing products are manufactured in pure material without surface treatments, except silver brass. Brass harrows which protect the metal and extend the life span. Otherwise, it's a personal taste if you want to polish the product or not, untreated, the metal will become darker over time, and moisture or fingerprints may also occur. If you want to keep the high-gloss surface, it must be polished on a regular basis. We recommend a gentle cleaner that does not contain abrasives, such as Glanol. Glanol is applied with a dry cloth, if there are a lot of stains, you can let the agent work a bit before starting to apply to the surface. Continue with this until the agent is completely gone and the surface is fine and blank again. Water soluble powders are not recommended.


  • Tuotenumero
  • Toimittajan tuotenumero
  • Tuotemerkki
  • Väri
  • Halkaisija
    280 mm
  • Korkeus
    55 mm

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