208943Design Of High Square Ruokapöytä 100x100x73cm, Galvanisoitu Of855

Design Of High Square Ruokapöytä 100x100x73cm, Galvanisoitu

855 €
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Hot galvanized
The larger areas of the furniture will be shiny at delivery. Depending on the climate, the surface will be matted over time. When this happens, a white powder can form on the surface of the product, it will disappear over time. We always recommend using a cushion for DOMO CHAIR, DOMO STOOL and DOMO BENCH this because there is a risk of staining on the clothes when the product exposed in different climates.

The hot galvanizing process is done with a 450 degree heat process. This process provides very strong protection to the products. In the process, metal residues are formed and this can sometimes be seen as dots under the surface of varying amounts. This is mainly seen on larger and planar surfaces, which is quite normal in the hot galvanizing process.

Our hot galvanized products have an effective and long-lasting protection against rust. If scratches occur in the paint, the hot dip galvanizing has a ”self-healing” effect against rust



  • Tuotenumero
  • Toimittajan tuotenumero
  • Tuotemerkki
  • Sarja
  • Väri
  • Korkeus
    730 mm
  • Leveys
    1000 mm
  • Pituus
    1000 mm

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