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Classic coffee maker from Wilfa that maintains a constant optimal brewing temperature of 92-96 degrees. Equipped with manual drip stop and 40 minute final heating with automatic shutdown.
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In the Nordic countries we like coffee and in the center is the coffee machine. It's the first machine we use when we wake up in the morning and the last we turn off before going to bed. For alot of people the first cup of coffee of the day is an almost religious ritual, where everything is about a smoking hot cup of coffee that we hold in our hands before our everyday life begins. A simple, honest drink we can not resist the taste of.

This coffee maker by Wilfa in a trendy Danish design fits perfectly.
Scandinavian developed coffee maker that meets the requirements of the European Coffee Brewing Center. The coffee maker has capacity for brewing 1 litre with cleaning indicator and is perfect for a smaller household. Wilfa Classic coffee maker - makes it easy to brew good coffee, regardless of amount.

The coffee maker quickly achieves an optimal water temperature between 92 and 96 degrees, which stays constant throughout the brewing for the best coffee room. Classic coffee maker has the capacity to brew 1 liter of coffee during an optimal brewing time of 4-6 minutes. Afterwards, the plate stays hot for 40 minutes and then automatically switches off.

Equipped with manual drip stop, you determine how fast the water flows through the filter, smartly and efficiently. This way you always get the perfect coffee, whether you're brewing one or more cups. After 60 button presses, the coffee maker indicates that it is time for descaling.

Good to know:
  • 1550 watts effect
  • 1 liter water tank
  • Removable filter holder with manual drip stopper
  • Automatic shutdown after 40 minutes
  • Made of robust steel
  • Approved by the European Coffee Brewing Center



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